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Start Up Teaming – Singapore

Start Up Teaming – Singapore

event 16 January 2019 Start Up Teaming – Singapore 06:45 to 09:00


On January 16th, Mauve’s Singapore representative Brandon will be attending Start-Up Teaming Singapore.

The event will be held at Pixel Studios – named one of the coolest spaces in the city and designed to foster digital media collaboration, the studios will create the ideal backdrop to connect Singapore-based start ups at this exciting event. Discussions will focus on knowledge-sharing and advice on confronting real-life challenges experienced by innovators and fledgling enterprises.

Our aim for attendance is to raise awareness about the ways in which new businesses can navigate the sometimes complex world of company set-up processes, and create agile strategies to compete with established organisations in new markets.

If you are planning to attend the event or would like any information on how Mauve’s services and experience can benefit start-ups, please get in touch via the Contact Form or email