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16 January 2017 Workforce Mobility

We currently have nine employees hired through Mauve in three different countries. Mauve serves as the employer of record for these employees and manages payroll. They have also assisted us with procuring medical and life insurance and securing a visa. We originally selected Mauve in large part because their pricing was significantly lower than their competitors. However, we keep going back to them for a variety of reasons. A key reason is that we find them to be responsive and accommodating to our requests.

We generally have very short notice that we need to hire someone, and Mauve works to meet our deadlines. They have been flexible in how we structure our contract with them, and this has allowed us to streamline the process of hiring an employee in a new country. They have also allowed us to provide input on the employment contracts until we are comfortable with the arrangement. Overall, the relationship feels collaborative.

Finally, we have received unprompted feedback from employees that they have had a positive experience working with Mauve from their end.


Catherine Armstrong

Project Manager | ASU Global Operations

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